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Dual Use in One Place, Livestock and Light Complementation | AKCOME I-Cross Flexible Mounting System Creates a New Distributed Picture of Green Countryside
Time Released: 2024.02.20



Recently, Wuhan Chaotuo distributed photovoltaic project was successfully connected to the grid and generated electricity, and AKCOME METALS provided approximately 18MW i-Cross flexible mounting system which uses the roofs of breeding factories, production equipment buildings and ancillary production roads to install photovoltaic modules and build distributed photovoltaic power stations for corporate production and operation. As one of the demonstration photovoltaic power station cases of AKCOME METALS’s “top-light and bottom-raised, livestock-light complementary” photovoltaic power station, the project uses the AKCOME i-Cross flexible mounting system to realize “dual use of one land” and greatly improve the land output efficiency.

Justly Balancing Rigidity and Flexbility 

Empowering Customers for High Returns

The project is located at the Chaotuo Breeding Farm in Sandian Street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, in order to improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of land resources, building a photovoltaic power station has become the first choice. In the early stage of the project, AKCOME METALS grasped the customer's pain points and needs, combined with the site survey situation to propose the optimal customized solution. The solution uses the i-Cross flexible mounting system and a three-cable stable structure to meet the application requirements of the 50m span of the breeding greenhouse. The design plan comprehensively takes into account factors such as lighting, ventilation, waterproofing, operation, maintenance and aesthetics.

Figure 1 | Wuhan Chaotuo i Cross Flexible Mounting System Photovoltaic Project

Through continuous innovation, research and development, upgrades and iterations, AKCOME i-Cross flexible mounting system include two mountain flexible and flat terrain flexible bracket systems to meet the needs of different terrain scenarios. The flexible bracket itself has the product characteristics of high clearance and large span. Currently, the standard span of AKCOME mountain flexible is 20m, and the standard span of AKCOME flat flexible is 35m. The maximum span can reach 60m, which can significantly reduce system costs and improve land utilization.

Figure 2 | Wuhan Chaotuo i Cross Flexible Mounting System Photovoltaic Project

After multi-dimensional testing and experiments, AKCOME’s flexible mounting system adopts proprietary wind-induced vibration suppression technology, which can effectively avoid the risk of component cracks and improve typhoon resistance. The load-bearing cables of the bracket are made of high-strength and low-relaxation prestressed steel strands, and a variety of anti-corrosion solutions are provided to greatly extend the service life. At present, the entire system can meet the long-span requirement of component laying at a lower cost while ensuring safety and stability, effectively ensuring customer investment returns.

Figure 3 | Wuhan Chaotuo i Cross Flexible Mounting System Photovoltaic Project

The Strength of Teamwork 

Painting a New Sustainable Landscape

In the middle of the project, AKCOME METALS quickly established a multi-department collaborative team to fully integrate the advantages of the supply chain to ensure high-quality product delivery. It also provided on-site technical guidance to ultimately ensure the smooth implementation of the project and on-time grid connection. As the leading provider of smart stent products and solutions in China, AKCOME METALS takes into account cost and quality with efficient, reliable, innovative and safe product labels, and wins market reputation with full life cycle customized services and strict quality control systems. Respond to customers.

Figure 4 | Wuhan Chaotuo i Cross Flexible Mounting System Photovoltaic Project

Figure 5 | Wuhan Chaotuo i Cross Flexible Mounting System Photovoltaic Project

The "photovoltaic + characteristic industry" model can effectively activate resource elements, realize diversified and three-dimensional application of land, and transform resources into assets that can sustainably increase income. AKCOME METALS has always paid attention to and promoted the innovation of photovoltaic power generation models, fully exploited and coordinated coal mining subsidences, barren hills and slopes, water surfaces, long-span buildings and other available resources, targeted research and development of bracket products, invested in the construction of characteristic composite photovoltaic power stations, and used technological innovation to to drive, respect common sense, assist regional green energy transformation, anchor quality with rigorous project design and team service capabilities, and create a new picture of green countryside.

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