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300MW mounting system to Illuminate the "Belt and Road"! — AKCOME METALS wins the photovoltaic mounting system procurement bid for the EPC General Contract (Section 2) project pertaining to the China General Nuclear Power Corporation's Northern Laos Interconnection Clean Energy Base (Phase I).
Time Released: 2024.02.01



Breaking: AKCOME METALS Wins EPC Bid — January 2024

On January 29th, China Energy Engineering Group Yunnan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. announced the engineering photovoltaic bracket procurement result for the photovoltaic project’s EPC General Contract (Section 2) pertaining to the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group's Northern Laos Interconnection Clean Energy Base (Phase I). AKCOME METALS successfully secured the bid for the procurement of 300MW-capacity fixed photovoltaic mounting system weighing 8,339 tons (Package 3).

This project is located in the Laotian province of Oudomxay, stretching approximately 38 km in a straight line from the township of Mohan, China. With a planned capacity of 1000MW and an installation capacity of 1293MW, it is Laos’ largest clean energy project in terms of installation capacity, expected to generate an annual estimate of 1.687 billion kWh after being put into operation, which will save approximately 510,400 tons of standard coal annually and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4038 million tons. The Northern Laos Interconnection Clean Energy Base project is one of AKCOME’s demonstration projects in the continued implementation of China’s "Belt and Road" initiative as well as a show of support to the call for the globalization campaign.

In recent years, AKCOME METALS has consistently leveraged internal resource advantages, harnessed the driving force of technological innovation, seized non-domestic opportunities in the overseas photovoltaic growth space. Through the optimization of service systems by product segmentation, supply chain management, and quality control, AKCOME METALS have undertaken projects distributed across such countries as Pakistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and as far as the United Arab Emirates.

Ficture 1 | AKCOME Mountain-fit Photovoltaic Bracket System – the Philippines Project

Ficture 2 | AKCOME Smart-R Tracking Support Bracket System – the UAE Project

Advocating openness, inclusion and iterative growth, AKCOME METALS will continue to rely on technology and innovation to provide global customers with green and sustainable energy solutions, actively explore the "photovoltaic+" scenarios, deepen the analytical grasp of user scenarios and needs, focus on product technology upgrades, deepen IPD integrated product development, and strengthen quality control in project delivery and engineering support. We set the benchmark for service quality and productiveness enhancement, injecting strong vitality into building a greener, healthier, and more inclusive energy future.

AKCOME METALS discovers new value in photovoltaic mounting system through foresightful wisdom.

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