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Co-creation | AKCOME METALS Supports Enterprises in Zhejiang Province to Light up a Distributed Photovoltaic Green Future
Time Released: 2023.10.13



Recently, Suzhou AKCOME METALS Technology Co., Ltd. has reached a cooperation in supplying about 12MW  of distributed PV  project with Zhejiang Post & Telecommunication Construction Co., Ltd. Specially, the company will provide electricity for production and operation of enterprises,  by constructing photovoltaic power stations on factory rooftops of companies including Saint Gobain Technology Materials (Changxing) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang GOSUNTEC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jingxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Risheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xiai Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Changxing Xinnongdu Industrial Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Zhongying Auto Parts Co., Ltd..

The “Green” Significance of the Widespread Use of Distributed Photovoltaics

As another excellent completed project after the EPC general contracting project of Nanjing distributed photovoltaic power generation this year, this project aims to self-use the generated photovoltaic power and connect the superfluous electricity to the power grid, with a planned installation capacity of 12.03578 MWp covering an area of 106,606 m2. In recent years, with the cooperation of interconnected strategic partners, AKCOME METALS has won the trust from clients via the continuous professional technology and high-quality services, from project site survey, photovoltaic solution consulting, photovoltaic rooftops green energy bracket manufacturing to technical operation and maintenance guidance.

Photo 1 | The aerial view of the project site

Based on "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goals, more and more brands have focused on green-oriented construction with new energy electricity such as solar energy. Examples are as follows. McDonald's has established more than 1600 LEED-certified green restaurants in China. GREENER STORELAB, the first environmental protection experimental store of SARTBUCKS around the world, was established in Shanghai. And Apple launched the first batch of carbon-neutral products of Apple Watch series products. More than that, they have changed the strategic direction to actively participate in the transformation of green energy structure by implementing the carbon reduction of renewable energy.

Photo 2 | The rooftop view of the project site

In the field of new energy, the distributed PV project has achieved zero output of pollution sources such as dust, wastewater, waste residue, and noise, based on solar energy resources.  Besides, the construction on the roof of factories not only revitalizes the fixed assets of enterprises, but also utilizes the idle resources of enterprises. Compared with other renewable energy sources (such as wind power generation and hydropower), the distributed photovoltaic power generation device can enable and supply power in a short time for its short construction period, easy installation and no pollution.

Photo 3| AKCOME METALS rooftop mounting system

Photovoltaic green power will bring double benefits of economy and environment for business owners. Regarding the economy, enterprises will reduce costs and save energy with the generated green power for office use in this project. For carbon reduction, a clean and low-carbon operation model will be built for enterprises to create business cards of green brand pioneers, by integrating sustainable development into the context of enterprise development, as per comprehensive energy solutions based on rooftop photovoltaics.

Photo 4| AKCOME METALS BAPV rooftop mounting system

AKCOME Spearheads in Building a Sustainable, Green, and Low-carbon “Interconnected Partnership”

AKCOME iTopower BAPV rooftop mounting system covering products with various specifications, can meet the needs of more than 85% of the roof distributed cases in the market such as ceramic roof, metal roof, and cement flat roof. Aside from standard products, AKCOME METALS can also continuously improve of the product series design according to customer requirements. The BAPV rooftop mounting system presents the architectural beauty with the effective combination of lighting and ventilation equipment, under the strict safety standard performance in construction industry. What’s more, installing the system on the rooftops of the project site can effectively reduce the building energy consumption to realize the organic connection of energy saving and emission reduction with economic benefits.

AKCOME METALS, as the preferred green energy service partner of industrial and commercial enterprises, will grasp opportunities for green development to iterate on new technologies and products, as well as constructing new supplies including new ideas and new model. Also, our company will enable the upgrade of brand green value in multiple dimensions, with more high-quality enterprises to pursue the innovative development.

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