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Ten Years of the Belt and Road Initiative | AKCOME METALS Won the Bid of Pakistan Tracking Mounting System Project
Time Released: 2023.10.12



The State Council Information Office released a white paper titled "The Belt and Road Initiative: A Key Pillar of the Global Community of Shared Future" on October 10th in this year marking the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The document points out that the BRI embracing the global trend of green and low-carbon development, makes a significant contribution to protecting the eco-environment, achieving carbon peaking and neutrality goals and addressing climate change. Hence, China promotes the booming development of the green BRI cooperation with its strengths in fields, such as renewable energy, energy conservation, energy conservation and environment protection, as well as clean production.

Seize opportunities for mutual benefit

Over the past decade, the BRI has provided convenient conditions for the international operation of numerous Chinese enterprises. During the period, AKCOME METALS has grasped the opportunity to conduct high-quality international business projects in Brazil, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Philippines, Vietnam and India, by accelerating the layout of countries along the BRI. In this way, our company realizes complementary advantages and mutual benefit with other countries with our technologies, products and experiences.

Photo | The Belt and Road Initiative National Cooperation Project of AKCOME METALS

Go abroad for the sound and steady growth

With the accelerated pace of “go abroad” since this year, AKCOME METALS has continuously consolidated the local sales and service network in China, and frequently participated in international industry exhibition. By doing so, our company has successively won project orders from Brazil, the Middle East and many other areas. Among which, AKCOME METALS was again awarded the bid of Pakistan 3.5MW tracking mounting system project in August.

Pakistan located along the Belt and Road, is always a key target for AKCOME METALS, with abundant solar energy. In recent years, the PV market demand of Pakistan has been grown due to the unstable electricity supply, high electricity cost and rapid industrial development. In that case, the government of Pakistan plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the national grid from 5% in 2025 to 20%, then to 30% in 2030. Therefore, photovoltaic enterprises still have a large space for future development in the Pakistani market.

Photo | The BRI National Cooperation Project of AKCOME METALS

Due to comprehensive advantages in core technology and service, AKCOME SMART reducer tracking mounting system won the bid of this project with a capacity of 3.5MW, located in the Jhimpir wind corridor in Thatta district, Sindh Province, Pakistan,. During the project implementation, our company will provide full life cycle service, which provides targeted project design schemes after communicating with clients in the early stage, and then delivers high-quality products on time under the strict quality control in the later stage.

AKCOME SMART-P 1P reducer tracking mounting system, as the bid-awarded product for this project, features high reliability, high power generation gain and high intelligence. It has been popular in the photovoltaic mounting market since its launch. This award is a recognition of AKCOME tracking mounts from the international market for the excellent core technical competitiveness.

Photo | AKCOME Smart Reducer Tracking Mounting System

In the development of the Pakistani market, AKCOME METALS has always cooperated with local enterprises with adherence to the localization strategy. And this winning bid marks another solid step for AKCOME METALS in the green development of Pakistan and even the world. AKCOME METALS will promote the green BRI development while upholding the “go abroad” and “localization” strategies.

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