Another Award! AKCOME METALS Won the "2022 Most Innovative PV Mount Manufacturer "
Time Released: 2022.11.22



On November 21, the 7th PV Innovation Conference (PVIC2022) and the 2022 "TOP 50 PV Innovative Enterprises" award ceremony were grandly held at Crowne Plaza in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. During the event, with its strong R&D and innovation capabilities, AKCOME won two major awards: the 2022 "Most Innovative Cell/Module Enterprise" and the "Most Innovative PV Mount Manufacturer", indicating that the comprehensive strength, innovation capacity and competitiveness of AKCOME are widely recognized by the industry.

Organized and hosted by, the conference is themed "Jointly Innovate for a Zero-carbon Future". Experts and scholars, leading enterprises, and investors of the photovoltaic industry participated in the conference and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot topics such as the development trend of the photovoltaic industry and industrial and commercial photovoltaic applications. One of the important agendas of the conference is the "2022 TOP 50 innovative PV enterprises" award ceremony, which is designed to identify the backbone enterprises for industry innovation, recognize those making key contributions to the industry's technological upgrading in the past year, and jointly promote industry-wide innovation and development.

After a rigorous review by the experts, AKCOME stood out from many PV companies and was awarded two major awards: the 2022 "Most Innovative Cell/Module Enterprise" and the "Most Innovative PV Mount Manufacturer". Behind such honors are more than a decade of continuous efforts, keen insight into the potential of heterojunction cells, and most importantly, a sustained commitment to technological innovation.

As a heterogeneous enterprise in the industry, AKCOME always adheres to the concept of "smart innovation for better new energy application", and puts technological innovation in the first place. AKCOME has gathered a team of technical experts to establish the AKCOME Energy Research Institute, which has accumulated rich R&D experience and technical achievements in the field of new energy. As of this year, AKCOME has received more than 300 technology and invention patents, including more than 100 patents related to HJT batteries and more than 100 patents in the field of PV mounts, laying a solid foundation for AKCOME's technological and strategic upgrading.

Photo | AKCOME METALS awarded the title of “Most Innovative PV Mount Manufacturer”

As the provider of support components essential for photovoltaic projects, AKCOME METALS fully leverages the advantages of business integration in R&D, production, process, and supply chain to produce excellent products and has won unanimous recognition among clients and established a good brand image in the global market. In recent years, AKCOME METALS has continuously made innovative breakthroughs in the R&D of various (BIPV, flexible, and tracking) mounting systems and won projects with various product series, fully demonstrating the strong core technology competitiveness of AKCOME METALS. 

Photo | AKCOME Science and Technology Awarded the "Most Innovative Battery/Module Producer"

To improve efficiency and reduce costs, AKCOME continues to explore the key core technologies of heterojunction cells, such as thinning of silicon wafers below 100 microns, silver-free main gate + silver-clad copper gate, and strives to achieve rapid transformation of technological achievements. It has achieved industry-leading mass production efficiency and scale as well as key product performance. With the recent launch of large-scale mass production of 210 microcrystalline heterojunction cells, AKCOME has made a new leap in heterojunction cell technology and production capacity and also one step closer to becoming the leader of domestic heterojunction cell production.

In the context of the " carbon peak and carbon neutrality" objectives and global green energy transformation, AKCOME will continue to promote the development of green energy technology, the upgrading, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement of the photovoltaic industry, and strive to make greater contributions to global low-carbon sustainable development as a promoter and pioneer of energy transition.  

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