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AKCOME METALS Holds Up Hope for "Increased Income And Efficiency" Construction of Danyang Fishery And Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Full Swing
Time Released: 2022.12.01


Fishery photovoltaic power generation system adopts the mode of "power generation on the board, farming under the board", which can simultaneously develop fishery farming and new energy industry without changing the surface form and affecting the original use function of the water surface, making outstanding contributions to farmers' income, agricultural efficiency and rural revitalization development, and therefore is more and more widely used in photovoltaic power generation projects.

Recently, the 50MW fishery-photovoltaic complementary flat single-axis stent photovoltaic power generation project in Lingkou Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, is in full swing.

Photo|The site of the photovoltaic power generation project in Lingkou Town, Danyang City

It is reported that the project is a fishery and light complementary project, located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, the existing water area of about 1070 mu, the actual use of an area of about 930 mu, the total scale of construction of 50MW. The project all use AKCOME SMART series flat single-axis tracking stent, is expected to be completed by the end of December this year.

Photo|The site of the photovoltaic power generation project in Lingkou Town, Danyang City

Compared to the traditional fixed stent form, the flat single-axis tracking stent has high power generation, high internal rate of return, low number of pile foundations and high resistance to wind vibration.

AKCOME SMART series includes 1P independent single-row and 2P independent single-row multi-point tracking stent system, which can achieve 20% north-south slope adjustment to meet the needs of all scenarios of the project, especially in the application scenarios of fishery-photovoltaic complementary, agricultural-photovoltaic complementary, complex terrain and other eye-catching performance.

Photo | AKCOME SMART Series 1P independent single-row Tracking Stent

High efficiency and high yield

AKCOME SMART series tracking stent system is compatible with all module types and can be combined with double-sided double-glass modules to ensure a higher yield. The modular design of this series makes construction and maintenance easier and significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs, while the large span design effectively reduces the number of pile foundations, resulting in better BOS costs.

Photo | AKCOME SMART Series 2P independent single-row Tracking Stent

Comprehensive Test  Authoritative certification

Based on a large amount of experimental data from CPP wind tunnel test and CFD simulation test, AKCOME tracking stent system forms a high wind protection strategy, which can effectively resist wind vibration and ensure the structural safety of the structure under the dynamic effect of wind load. At present, the maximum wind speed resistance of AKCOME tracking stent 1P products can reach 170km/h and the maximum row of 100m; the maximum wind speed resistance of tracking stent 2P products can reach 205km/h and the maximum row of 68m.

In addition, in order to ensure the high reliability and stability of the products under actual application scenarios, AKCOME tracking mounting system products are subjected to overload tests at key nodes and accelerated whole life tests for polymer bearings and slewing supports. At present, this series of products has obtained a number of authoritative product and technical certifications, including TUV product certification, UL product certification and IEC certification.

Recently, AKCOME SMART Tracking Stent System has continued to make great efforts in the global market and won successive bids, fully demonstrating its strong core technology competitiveness and the comprehensive service strength of AKCOME platform.

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