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iCross Flexible Mounting System
iCross Flexible Mounting System
AKCOME iCross Flexible Mounting System
Product Overview
iCross-F Flat-fit Flexible Mounting System
The flat-fit flexible mounting system under a two-layer pre-stressed cable structure is composed of an end structure, central structure and cable-stayed structure.
iCross-M Mountain-fit Flexible Mounting System
The mountain-fit flexible mounting system is composed of an end structure, central structure, ground anchor system and pre-stressed steel strand.
AKCOME iCross Flexible Mounting System Series
Product Parameters
AKCOME iCross-M Flexible Mounting System Series

iCross-M Parameters
Type Single-row two-cable flexible mounting system
Structural materials Hot-dip galvanized/magnesium-aluminum-zinc steel, prestressed steel strand
Basic form Cast-in-place pile
Structural span ≤25m
Product advantages Improve land utilization
saving up to 30% of basic quantity
Application senario Complex mountainous terrain

AKCOME iCross-F Flexible Mounting System Series

iCross-F Parameters
Type Single-row three-cable flexible mounting system
Structural materials Hot-dip galvanized/magnesium-aluminum-zinc steel, prestressed steel strand
Basic form Cast-in-place pile/PHC
Structural span ≤60m
Product advantages Large span and high clearance, saving up to 60% of basic quantity
Application senario Fishery /agriculture-solar hybrid solution

AKCOME iCross-M Flexible Mounting System Series

Mountain (Site with Foundation Diameter<400)

Frame Form Mountain-fit Flexible (Single-layered Cable)) Fixed Mounting System (Double-column)
Module 540Wp 540Wp
Arrangement 1x14x3 2X14
Ground Clearance (m) 2 2
Angle 24 24
Span (m) 17 4.5
Length (m) 274.18 16.34
Foundation Form Bored Piling Bored Piling
Foundation Quantity (pcs/MW) 182 265
Amount of Steel Used in the Frame (t/MW) 30 35
Flexible Mounting System
Product Advantages
Alternative Corrosion-Resistance Solution
Longer Service Life
Selection of High/Low Configuration Solutions:

C3 Environment or Below:Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Strand

C4 Environment or Above:Filled Epoxy Coating+PE Sheath/High Vanadium Cable

Product Test And Analysis from Multiple Dimensions
Effective Solution to Wind-induced Oscillation And Incomplete Fracture

AKCOME Flexible Mounting System :
Wind Tunnel Test, Finite Element Simulated Analysis

Single-layered Cable Structure, Double-layered Cable Structure:
Modal Analysis, Wind-induced Oscillation Coefficient Analysis, Aerodynamic Instability Analysis

Flexible Mounting System Series
All-scenario Smart Solutions
  • Complex Mountainous Topography

    Conservation of Land Resources (30%+)

    Topographic Adaption (Rock Soil Layer)

    Conservation of Forest Landform

    complex topography
  • Photovoltaic Agriculture

    High Clearance

    Conservation of Primitive Landform

  • Photovoltaic Fishery

    Fewer Pile Foundations

  • Other Application Scenarios

    Sewage Treatment Plant

    Cross-span Building Structure

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