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iForwards New Materials Mounting System
iForwards New Materials Mounting System
Mg-Al-Zn-coated Steel A-Mazing®

Mg-Al-Zn-coated steel is defined as galvanized steel coated with aluminum, magnesium, or other microelements (silicon, nickel, etc.). Studies suggest that this alloy-plated steel boasts outstanding weatherproofness and integrated properties. Commonly used in automobiles, husbandry, architecture, and other industries, it applies to PV frames as a substitute for conventional hot-dip galvanized steel or GI plate.

Weathering Steel

Weathering steel is not stainless steel. Rusted for a while, the steel surface is enriched with Cu, P, Cr, Ni, and other microelements to form a compact amorphous-state rust layer securely bonded with the matrix. The stabilized rust layer can resist moisture and hazardous ions in the atmosphere to a certain extent, for avoiding further corrosion of the matrix metal.

Fusion-bonded Epoxy Coating

Applies to occasions with severe corrosion. Built on research findings of Chinese and international scientific research institutions, the technology has been verified by trial and error. The technology is in extensive use in domestic large severe corrosion prevention projects, such as petroleum pipelines, bridges, and sewage treatment plants.

VCI Flaky Zinc Coating

Using scale-type zinc-rich coating as the primer and scale-type zinc-aluminum coating (adjustable color) as the top coat or combining primer and top coat in the coating, the technology applies to the surface corrosion resistance of steel structure. It falls into double-pack coating, single-pack coating, normal temperature curing coating, medium temperature curing (160 ℃-180℃) coating, quick surface drying (15min) coating, etc.

Grace Technology and New Materials Mounting System
Product Advantages
Superb Corrosion Resistance
Lower Total Cost
Environmental Protection
Remarkable Appearance
Strong Self-repairing
Optimized Design
Long service Life
Cost Reduction
Applies to Severely Corrosive Areas by Virtue of Sound Corrosion Resistance
Wet-dry Adhesion/Hardness/Anti-aging And Other Indicators
Total System Solution (Design/Production/Processing/Repair/Monitoring)
VCI Flaky Zinc Coating

Item Hot-dip Galvanizing VCI Flaky Zinc Coating
Salt Spray Resistance 300-400h(65μm) >1000h(45μm)
Appearance Rag, Color Inconsistency Smooth, Effective on the Whole
Color Selection Zinc White (Only) A Wide Selection of Colors Customized on Demand
Energy-saving And Nature-friendly Waste Acid, Sewage, And Exhaust Gas No Waste Acid, Sewage, or Exhaust Gas
Coating Hardness Good 4H Coating Hardness or Above
Weatherproofness Turns Gray 1 Year Later Shows No Noticeable Color Change in 5 Years
On-site And Follow-up Maintenance Not Available for Hot-dip Galvanizing Repair; Zinc Dust Painting Only Use of Compatible VCI Repair Solution Provided by the Patent-Licensing Manufacturer, Ensuring A Service Life of 25 Years
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