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iCapower Kangding BIPV Mounting System
iCapower Kangding BIPV Mounting System
iCapower BIPV Mounting System

Rooftop Substation, for a PV Future. Against the backdrop of the implementation of the "carbon peaking and neutrality" strategy, BIPV follows the trend of clean, low-carbon, and sustainable building development and brings more benefits for enterprises, which will definitely become a preferred option for industrial architecture. AKCOMEMETALS unveils an inventive BIPV frame series for industrial/commercial use and carport, which combines profitability and practicality.

iCapower BIPV Mounting System
Product Parameters

iCapower-R BIPV

iCapower-D BIPV

iCapower-C BIPV


BIPV Industrial/Commercial Frame: Technical Parameters

Vertical Waterproofness Load-bearing Drainage in Integrated Design
Horizontal Waterproofness Independent Horizontal U-typed Water Chute
Jointing Method Splicing
Structural Materials High-strength Steel-Magnesium-Aluminum-Zinc Steel
Module All Frame Modules
Positive/Inverse System Pressure 5400/2400Pa
Node Pullout Resistance (Kg) ≥800
Materials S420GD
Yield Strength OS (MPa) ≥420
Tensile Strength (MPa) 520

Color steel tile BIPV System is mounted on the booster placed W-typed water chute at the edge of the rooftop purline.


BIPV Carport Frame: Technical Parameters

Product Series Single-column, Double-column
Ground Clearance of Module Bottom 2500mm in Convention (User-Defined)
Module Arrangement Horizontal/Vertical
Space Span 25003000mm (Single Space)
5000-6000mm (Double Spaces)
7500~8500mm (Three Spaces)
Frame Angle 3-10°
Surface Treatment Hot-dip Galvanizing, Pre-plated Magnesium-Aluminum-Zinc
Materials O235B/0355B (Main Steel Frame)
+S420GD (Water Chute)
Waterproofing Method W-typed Water Chute, U-typed Water Chute
EPDM Waterproof Adhesive Tape, Waterproof Gutter

Product Forms


iCapower BIPV Mounting System
Product Advantages
Cell-based Structural Waterproofing
"Resistance+Prevention+Diversion" Ensures 100% Waterproof for Each Module Cell
Technical Support in All Respects
Under creative technical support in all respects, the product is solid and secure with a longer service life under various extreme circumstances
Supported by various design patents
BIPV waterproof system patent, the junction between the water chute at the bottom of the PV module and rooftop, and the junction between the PV module and water chute at its bottom
High Integration And Adaption
Sound Lighting, Ventilation, And Integration
High-Quality Maintenance Pedal
Materials with Customized Appearance, Exceptional Connection Technology, Q420 High-Strength Steel with Reinforcement
iCapower BIPV Mounting System
Application Scenario
  • New Plant Construction

    New Plant Mounted with Steel Structure BIPV System,
    For Maximizing Economic Benefit.
  • Old Plant Reconstruction

    Old Plant is reconstructed with a steel structure BIPV system on the rooftop,
    To achieve both energy saving and emission reduction and economic benefits.
  • Color Steel Tile Rooftop Retrofitting

    Installation on Old Color Steel Tile Rooftop
    "iCapower-D" BIPV System
  • Concrete Rooftop Retrofitting

    Installation on Former Concrete Rooftop
    "iCapower-D" BIPV System
  • PV+Carport

  • PV+Carport+Charging Pile

  • PV+Carport+Energy Storage

  • PV+Carport+Charging Pile+Energy Storage

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