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AKCOME METALS × EnergyTaiwan | A Sincere Invitation for Witnessing the 15-year Advancement of AKCOME METALS
Time Released: 2023.10.20



“2023 International Energy Taiwan” and “International Net-Zero Taiwan”, exhibiting the most complete supply chain of renewable energy with highlights on projects including solar, wind, hydropower, hydrogen, energy storage, and net zero carbon reduction, were held by the Taiwan World Trade Center and the Green Energy and Sustainable Development Alliance (GESA) of the International Semiconductor Industry Association (ESMI) at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from Oct 18th to 20th. AKCOME METALS, as a leader in the PV mounting system industry, also joined these two exhibitions with its impressive solution to the new materials’ anti-corrosive mounting system, attracting a large number of clients.

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Classic Brand Shining Up

To Lead the Innovative Research and Development of PV Mounting System

As an innovative leader in the global PV mounting system industry, AKCOME METALS has formed various PV products, such as ground mounting system, smart tracking mounting system, roof BIP/ BAPV mounting system as well as new material and technology mounting system owing to its product systems with independent intellectual property rights as well as its technical know-how to meet the requirements of market and customers over its 15 years of innovative development. Taiwan is a coastal typhoon-prone area with highly corrosive soil. Thus, AKCOME METALS has adjusted its products based on the characteristics of Taiwan market to cope with the challenges from different market. In Energy Taiwan, our company shows our R&D technology accumulation and comprehensive global service capability with AKCOME common-pile fixed mounts adopting the fusion bonded epoxy coating to the peers. AKCOME products with the combination of fusion and epoxy coating can deal with various heavy corrosion environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, high pressure, great stress, erosion, abrasion, as well as acid, alkali and salt, apart from substantially saving about 20 to 30% of pile foundations.


To meet the needs of various projects with three characteristics

Anti-Corrosion and Endurance

The life span can reach more than 25 years in the seawater environment.

Quick Solidification

Metal parts can be quickly solidified in 1 to 2 minutes at normal temperature.

Green and Eco-Friendly

Generate no waste gas, wastewater, or waste residue.

Five key indicators are greatly promoted to ensure the service life of mounting system.

Permeability resistance

Wet adhesion

Resistance to mechanical scratches

UV aging resistance

Be resistant to corrosion mechanical fatigue

Outward Expansion Global Deployment

Actively Serving the Global Development of the PV Industry

Our company has great confidence in the market development prospect based on the development trend of global PV market and the setting of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals around the world. Since its establishment 15 years ago, AKCOME METALS has continuously offered stable, reliable, innovative, and efficient mounting solutions to the global PV industry. Specifically, we have created values for clients with PV mounting systems, customized mounting accessories and comprehensive excellent services for large-scale ground power stations, industrial and commercial power stations, and household power stations in Japan, Portugal, Ukraine, Brazil, and Chile, and other regions.

Taiwan, located in the global photovoltaic belt, has sufficient solar resource with nearly 1800 hours of the average annual sunshine. AKCOME METALS has successfully completed multiple project cases with rich cooperation experience, through its professional R&D capabilities and quick response and service capabilities.

Completion date: 2023

Project capacity: 178MW

Project type: Large-scale solar ground power station

Solution: Mountain-fit ground mounting system

Completion date: 2022

Project capacity: 272MW

Project type: Large-scale solar ground power station

Solution: VCI new material ground mounting system

We hereby sincerely invite clients and peers to meet at the ongoing International Smart Energy Week PV Exhibition from October 18th to 20th for mutual cooperation. To assist the green energy transformation in Taiwan, AKCOME METALS will provide more new valuable solutions of PV products for clients, focusing on the product technology upgrade and service experience improvement in the Taiwan market.

AKCOME MATALS discovers the new value of PV mounting system with forward-looking wisdom.

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