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Collaboration Across the Straits | Akcome Metals Wins the Excellence in Innovation of 2023 Vena Energy Award
Time Released: 2023.04.19



Akcome Metals lately received the Excellence in Innovation of 2023 Vena Energy Award conferred by Vena Energy Group, in acknowledgment of the support and commitment of Akcome Metals for the cooperation of both parties. Akcome Metals is a leading renewable energy enterprise committed to developing, constructing, and operating renewable energy power plants. Akcome Metals was awarded the Excellence in Innovation of 2023 Vena Energy Award for its outstanding products and quality services in Vena Energy’s supplier commendation conference titled “Joint Hands for Wind and Solar Power” held in March 2023.

The award trophy and certificate

Akcome Metals has collaborated with Vena Energy multiple times since 2018. In 2021, both parties embarked on a new round of cooperation as Akcome Metals was awarded the contract for Vena Energy’s 272MW fixed bracket project in Yunlin County, Taiwan. The project is located in the emerging industrial zone in western Yunlin County, a coastal and strong monsoon zone with the highest environmental corrosion level at CX. Based on the regional environmental characteristics, Akcome Metals proposed a heavy corrosion solution, adopted the Akcome PHC pipe pile foundation double-column fixed bracket product, and innovatively used VCI flaky zinc coating to ensure system stability and maximized service life.

The project withstood multiple challenges of COVID-19 and harsh weather conditions and was completed and connected to the grid in 2022. Akcome Metals dispatched technicians to the site to guide the installation and provide preliminary training for the post-maintenance of special anti-corrosion processes. In the future, Akcome Metals will continue to provide technical support and services for the project to ensure full-cycle operation.

The 272MW ground-mounted solar PV plant project in Yunlin County, Taiwan

As the largest single-block photovoltaic power station in Taiwan, the Yunlin renewable energy power plant is another landmark project in which Akcome Metals has participated, and this award fully demonstrates the excellent performance of Akcome Metals’ products and teams in project construction.The market of Taiwan has always been a key development market of Akcome Metals, with many project cooperation cases accumulated over the years, rich practical project experience, and a certain brand influence. According to GlobalData, Taiwan’s photovoltaic installed capacity will reach 20GW by 2025. Akcome Metals will continue to deepen its market development efforts and contribute to the development of green energy with excellent expertise, products, and services.

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